Sunday, April 3, 2016

Oh, No!!!

This tree is by Oakdale Cemetery... There were REALLY high winds yesterday and this is the result... It looks like the middle was rotted out, and the day before there was a really heavy rain.. that appears was all it took!!!  the perfect storm for this poor tree...

 Carol has SO many daffys around where she lives, her landlord has done a really good job of landscaping and getting color in and about the yard...

And just LOOK at this tree.. I call it a tulip tree, but not sure what it really might be... but just gorgeous!!!!

Take Care All & God Bless..... Hope you all have a GREAT Spring!!!!


  1. I especially love the daffodils.

  2. Loree The flower that you call a tulip tree is i think a Magnolia tree. Look it up there are pictures of the flowers.