Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wait For It

 Cute, cute family.. Guthrie, me (Nana Loree) Darah and Laithe...  and it is very unusual for them both to let a person take a picture, but I begged as it was my birthday and they agreed.  Hahaha... But it is special and I will hold it dear forever...  We had a special dinner at the J Bar at Holiday Inn Express in Davenport, and it was a great dinner, wonderful food and a REAL tequila lime cheesecake and there was this tequila lime sauce that you could put on the cheesecake that was sublime, my finger was not long enough to get all of it, the little shot glasses were to tall, BUT used the end of fork to fit in there, I was not to be deterred, hick from the sticks that I am!!!
 Friend Carol that I stayed with this past month is above and Patty is to the left... she is the 'other' grandmother to the children, so maternal and paternal and then Nana Loree.  We had more lemondrop martini and Patty's were still better!!

Then this morning I got up and was out by 7am and this is what the Mississippi looked like this morning, traffic on the river and a trail too!!

THEN I got to Des Moines and the heavens let loose, my goodness, such rain as I have never seen, just pounded on me..  all the way thru Omaha......

Then the clouds were varied and just scudded across the horizon all day long.... and I got thru Nebraska and wait for it, wait for it..... Nebraska was the same, goes on and on and just barely green at the edges and the rivers were FULL.. EVEN the Platte  had actual water in it!!!
Tonight am in Cheyenne, Wy
Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Happy Birthday and it looks as though you really enjoyed it.

  2. You look wonderful in your crown. Happy birthday and safe travels!

  3. You look wonderful in your crown. Happy birthday and safe travels!

  4. Wow! The picture of you, Darah and the kids is a keeper! Travel safe, my friend.