Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yet Again

Nothing going on, just thought I would check in.  Have been busy in the yard... SO many weeds!!! BUT I got it ALL done today!! Took Luci out with me and she protected me from all the people out walking.  Then she would lay on the warm sidewalk or the cooler  dirt, right on her belly... Don't know how many wagon loads of weeds took to the cycle bin, pick-up for yard debris is tomorrow, so wanted to get it all out there!! Trimmed things back, watered.  Have to get some things to plant and get some color in here.  The lilacs are blooming and beautiful.  I truly do love this time of year the awakening of the yard and all the little flowers here and there.  It is sad tho to see the things that did not make it through the Winter and have to start over with something else. The honeysuckle I got from someone else's yard did not make it and will have to replace that, but have a nice shoot coming off of the clematis!!! which am very happy about....
Been catching up on all the spa things I do too, made appointments.  my nail person got a clerical job at local school and will no longer be doing nails, so had to find a new person, these changes, I know people have to do what is best for them, but geez..... and I am really, really happy for her and this opportunity in her life, but geez..... so had nails, and pedicure and waxing, just have my hair to do next week and it is getting long!!! Had to go to curling it or it just lays there, doing nothing exciting, now it is all fluffy and curled, weird looking.
Ordered in a pizza tonight, it gets to Thursday and I just can.not.think. of anything new or different or exciting to fix. and ordered in pizza once or twice a month is in order.... I forget from one time to the next that it is really not all that good, but have a craving for all that cheese!!!!
We had nice gentle rain most of yesterday and today it is warmer and clear skies. Supposed to be a really nice week end.
While on my trip to Iowa I had TWO uti's and spent time in continued care units, so when I got back had myself tested again to make sure there was no infection and the last cycle of antibiotics worked and it did, but they can't seem to get it in their heads that I had 2 while gone, just that all was ok now, so no probs, they say.. trying to get them to understand that this is the 4th one this year and only April, but they say if I have symptoms again to come in to have it checked, geez.... don't know how to be forceful and make myself understood that there is more than their records show.... to make them take the time to listen to what I am saying....
Well, enough... take care all


  1. Sounds familiar. On the road, having a great time, and them back home to the weeds and the grass! LOL Sorry about the problems, hopefully you can get it fixed. Infuriating when they won't listen. Glad you are back, looks like you had a good trip at least. Lots of family fun.

  2. Glad the house and you and perked up! Always nice to fall into our own routines. I would ask for a referral to a urologist.

  3. Glad the house and you are perked up! Always nice to fall into our own routines. I would ask for a referral to a urologist

  4. You have some nice plants - all I can manage to grow are weeds! I hope you get it straightened out about your medical records. I agree that so many recurrences do not sound like "no problems".