Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Goes On

I love fixing up my front walkway, put out the chairs. This is a place I go to read and just sit, relax.  People stop to talk or neighbors come over to sit with me.  It is fun.
Fertilized the yard this morning. Things are not as green as I would like, hope this works.  Put weed killer on it a couple weeks ago and all of the clover, is gone for now..
Think I will concentrate on flowers... love their happy faces and seeing what will work in the yard, come back year after year.
Have all my little flowers sticks stuck here and there and the bird houses I have collected mostly  at yard or estate sales.

These are pics of tulips I got for birthday in April, they lasted for some time and even when they were all blowsy and on the way out, they still were pretty and the light coming thru them was really something special...

Been doing nothing else, but reading and 'normal' stuff around the house.  I just always find something to do, somewhere, something that needs hung up on the wall, or the infusers need replenished with oil, the fertilizing, weed stuff sprayed on, weeding actually done, watering of new plants and old where water does not reach (think we have lost that huge tree in the back/side yard that they dug up roots for the sidewalk, don't think it normally takes this long to leaf out)  Been reading TONS.. CL Box, finished 4 books!!! They are a fast read, high adventure and family issues. TV watching :) Paper reading.. Stamp club was on Saturday, made 3 cards and got NEW catalog, been perusing that for future cards and ordering, there is always something new and exciting there, can't live without!!! Think I could spend the rest of my life fine w/o getting anymore stamp stuff and do just fine and never run out :) hahahaha.. waxing done, nails done, life just goes on, weaves in, weaves out... breakfast, lunches with friends, dinners in mostly, some out and all the moments in between, calls from friends and relatives, plans, love continues, life goes on

Take Care  All & God Bless


  1. You have a lovely place to sit outdoors and watch the world go by. It looks very inviting.

  2. Your front yard is very lovely and cozy.

  3. Living the good life in Redmond, OR