Thursday, May 19, 2016


O. M. G. 
For some reason, whatever reason Luci has decided she needs to eat at 2p instead of her normal time of 4p. Feed her at about 7a also.  She gets 1/4 cup dry kibble twice a day ..along with little 'cookies' made of rice and sweet potato from pet store, home made items, when she is good or does something she is supposed to do, like go outside to potty :) which for the most part she does, don't get the wrong idea
that means that she whines and cries for 2 hours.... 2 HOURS, 2 flipping hours.. and it is just too much... I have NOT caved, but really??? why all of a sudden?  I KNOW when u only get 1/4 cup kibble an maybe now and again some 'goody' added to that, it is important that you get that 1/4 cup on time!!! but really, 2 hours early????
It is slowly driving me insane.......
We have trouble when daylight saving changes.... and need to be adjusted and flexible, but that is not the case right now, there is nothing I can think of right now that had changed or is different, except for her perception of time..... after she eats all is well.... she even gets an 'oinkie' now and again to keep her occupied, takes her days to chew through one of those and she will find it in the house (where she forgot and left it the night before) and runs around with it, so excited and happy that she 'discovered' it and she is getting away with something
But this new thing/change/adventure/personality defect is challenging me to the very core of my being and don't know if I will survive it.......


  1. HAHA but just look at that face

  2. I would feed her early! Unless, of course that means she wants fed again before bedtime!

  3. Our dog gets two servings a day, but she usually has food in her bowl most of the time and eats when she feels like it. She rarely eats a serving all at once. If I forget one, she starts pushing the bowl around.

  4. The girls get their pills in food every morning and then dinner at 4:30. Yea right. Still get food with pills but dinner is now 2:30. And they start bugging me about 1:30. Hard to ignore but I'm hanging strong for now. Doxies live for food.

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  6. Maybe she has been reading my blog. A few months ago I changed to feeding my hounds twice per day. Always before I'd feed them once when I got home from work. Stella's previous owner did the same. A few months back Stella started whining, howling begging to eat so I went to twice per day ... but that wasn't good enough!!!

    Then she didn't want to wait until 4pm for their 2nd feeding ... she would come to get me, howling around NOON!!!! So I feed mine when they first get up and then around from noon-1pm. It's strange they don't beg to be feed later in the afternoon or evening. They are now even cutting their morning trip outside short so they can eat immediately and then go outside. Funny stuff ... lol