Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wild Rose?

These were in a neighbor's yard.  With the old fence behind them, thought it made for a good, interesting n picture. I think they are wild roses.  I have a yellow one in the back yard area, but not as striking as this orange color...

We have been having cool weather, even have to have the heat on in the morning, as I am such a wuse, but can't see sitting here, being cold.  Supposed to be nicer next week.
There is a 5k Saturday, but it is a run and can't read anywhere if a person can just walk it if they want to, or need to :)

Take Care All


  1. Looks like a knock-out rose. I have the double knock-outs. They are very hard and grow like weeds!

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  3. That's an Austrian Copper rose bush (rosa foetida bicolor). I had one in front of my home in Washington state as a kid. They're lovely!