Thursday, May 12, 2016


I have these poppies ALL over my yard, they just keep coming up!!! Even when I dig down to China to get rid of them in certain places, still come back.... I guess that is a good thing, at least I will always have them, huh?  I did not plant them either, they were here when I got here, even after the yard not being watered for 2 years, after I started watering, they returned...... they are happy things tho

Things in my yard!!! So very excited when something comes back up, year after year and even gets bigger or spreads about. (as long as it is NOT weeds)
Have been putting more things in, quince bushes, poppies, snapdragon, daisy, Carl Forester grasses as they get tall and lovely and normally stay in a great bunch with great heads of seeds in the Fall. (they are on the median between the sidewalk and the street)  Have been busy getting Brian to digging holes for me! Watering, cutting, trimming, getting garbage ready for pick up, mowing the grass, I don't have much so it is not yet a chore, just can't start that darn mower anymore and have to wait until Brian is home to do it for me.
Doggies are doing well, Had Carl in for monthly bath yesterday and for a couple days, he will smell acceptable, then the funk will again take over I am sure. Washed all their bedding, what a chore, then they sit and look at me so pathetically while waiting for it to dry and be ready for them, but WHERE am I to lay down?? they finally just lay on the carpet, but with great sighs of displeasure...  hahaha

We have been having lovely days of sun and some wind, of course the powers that be decided to do some burns in the forests and that drifts in, geez.... AND the airport is closed for 3 weeks!!! as they are redoing the center line asphalt and boy is it noticeably quiet around here with no planes coming and going all day long, or the odd jet landing now and again. It is weird what we grow accustomed to, heh?

Friend Tanya took me out for a belated birthday celebration and we saw "Mother's Day" it was a cute show, had many poignant parts to it, but it was  good.  Cute, cute kids, where do they get them?  Grow them someplace.... Also went to Charlie's for dinner, the local long standing Mexican restaurant, been in Madras for years and years, was good also, and the talking and companionship was stellar!!! She is talking of leaving the area eventually, she has lived in Madras since birth, so just ages ago :) and can't imagine here not being here, even if it would be the best, most practical thing, sad to see her go or even to hear about her going.... sadness and despair.....

Hope all is good with you and yours, Take Care And God Bless


  1. Such pretty flowers. I have been planting but in pots on the porch so they don't cook in this horrible sun and heat.

    Sorry your friend maybe leaving but you say it may be for the best. It will still be sad

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