Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Boy, you know the last 2 days I have been sitting here in a puddle of my own sweat... in front of the fan, trying to remain cool and calm.  Carl is not taking things well either, lays right. in. front. of the fan!! Temps in the 90's even high 90's, have broke records for 4 days running.... then we have today, was rather pleasant out this morning, did yard work, planting new grass out back, yet AGAIN... and digging out the borders in my flower beds/rock borders in the front yard..... wind is blowing and temps are down to the 70's now and had to put on flannel pj bottoms!!! geez..... and close the doors as the wind was getting cool, guys... even made me a pot of coffee, where I have been drinking iced things now for days..... Luci just wants to lay next to me, no matter what  I am doing or where I am at, but even she was pissed last night, and did not want me touching here in bed, and kept kicking to get me to move, I mean, whose bed is it anyway.  had to do all the bedding today after days of trying to sleep in sweaty tangles, needed clean, clean, clean........
We have a couple fires going in the Owyees, (sp) way south of here  and across the Cove State Park in 3 creeks area,  in Jefferson County, 1500 summer homes over there.... that one is 2100 acres caused by lightning and spurred on by the wind, and we are getting fall out smoke from that one.
Tomorrow is vet day, Luci needs rabies shot and the other one, whatever that is.... can never remember... parvo??

Take Care All... stay cool out there


  1. Glad it has cooled off for you. We start hitting the 90's tomorrow! Your yard work is paying off. The edging looks great.

  2. We are getting your weather as it moves east. Here in Montana it's been about 20 degrees above normal and here it brings terrible t-storms and hail threats every afternoon. So not fun. But the cold front is supposed to move through this week-end and we are looking forward to that. We will probably start seeing fires also. I am a big sweatie blob like Carl.

  3. Thanks so much for your comment Loree. It's nice to hear from you again. So SO sorry about such awful heat. It's going to be 93, 94, 95 here next week. That hot doesn't usually show up until August here. I am NOT looking forward to it. And thank you for the picture of my favorite guy Carl. Poor Carl with that sausage body I'll bet he is hot. But heads up next time Carl. I need a good look at your fabulous face!

  4. We've had a cooler week in Sacramento in the 80's but going to climb back up soon. Gosh how I hate the hot weather. I don't know who suffers more from the heat - us or the dogs.

  5. I feel so bad for Carl - have you thought about getting those cotton neck wraps for him, and also for Luci and you? Or Frogg Toggs? I have both for me and Katie, just soak them, wring out and put in the fridge. When its' hot, bring them out and tie the neck wraps around your necks, and drape the Frogg Toggs on their little bodies. I cut the Frogg Toggs into the sizes I want for us. These things really cool you down. Wal-Mart has them both. You could also wet a t-shirt and put it on Carl, then the fan will really cool him down. Hope things cool down soon for you. :)