Sunday, June 26, 2016



Yesterday we went to Cascade Lavender in Culver area.  It was quite wonderful, clear sky, could see the mountain range all the way to Mt Baker, Washington.  They had many kinds of lavender.  I got 3 plants.  Have a horrid time growing them, I think I over water, and then cut them back at the wrong time of year and too  much.  So with all I learned while there, maybe these will fare better than in the past. One can only hope!!!

My beautiful niece, Sacia (named after my maternal grandmother, her maiden name) She is a teacher in southern California, 3rd grade this year?? Don't get to see her as much as we would like to, she comes up here summer and Xmas..... try to get down there once a year too, but been bad about doing that....

At the top is our 'foot' pic, love taking those.....

Today went to church, then there was a spring sale of Cabi clothing, got a couple pieces for cheap!!!  Dropped off cans for the local humane society.. worthy cause and easy to do, HATE going to those recycle places, let someone do it and get something for their charity... Then this afternoon have been weeding the gravel parking place in front. what a chore!!! been out there 3 times now, (get too hot, come in, drink water, cool off, then go back out... may wait for the final bit, until shade comes around to the last part)  feels good to be out in the sun and actually DOING something constructive

Put a pork roast in the crock pot for this evening and it is starting to really smell good!!!

Take Care All

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