Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lots 'O Catch-up

Yesterday morning about 5:30a at my front yard bird feeders... AND the reason I have NO garden.  They are pretty and healthy looking, but geez...they get into everything...

Saturday from the top of Pilot Butte... This is Mt Bachelor

Black Butte on the left and Mt Jefferson on the right...

These are so very beautiful and in the yard of an empty house south of me, across the street, they get NO care nor water and are doing lovely... while mine are struggling... :(

 This is the South side of my house, that is the bathroom window between Bri's room on the left and mine on the right.  Mostly those are hollyhocks that are there for the 2nd year grown from seed that spread from original plants that I  moved under the bathroom window, they had a good year then nothing last year. There is a bunch of them that grew from where I had thrown the dead stalks a year ago nd they are just going wild this year.... apparently they do nothing for a year then the next year take off, then go dormant for a year.
To the right is a tree at the top of pilot Butte with Mt Jefferson in background. on  clear day you can even see Mt Hood waaaaay to the North, but today it was hazy and cloudy up there.
Carol G and I had gone up there to eat our lunch and gaze at the mountains. It was a really nice day and lots of people were up there.

This picture as a little sun burned out, but thought it was still rather interesting in the colors.
Not much happening here, just the norm, supposed to get warm by the week end, like could get into triple digits..  :)  we will see.. have to get the fans out if that happens.  Got the grass all watered down and am ready. There is a 5K this week end, but am not ready as I am lazy, and don't do anything but yard work and read... ho-hum Have 6 books right here by my chair that I HAD to have, so had better get busy....

Hope everyone is doing well and has great plans for the summer

Take Care and God Bless


  1. My goodness deer right there in your yard eating everything. the orange flowers are beautiful. It is already so hot here that almost all my flowers are dead. We are looking at 112 for the weekend. I'll be hiding in the house with all the blinds closed.

  2. I love red and orange poppies. They remind me of my beautiful mother in law!

  3. We are coming to your area next wee. Can you text me or email me? I thought I had y our address but I don't :(

    1. be here all week, cept for nail apt at 11am Tuesday .. look forward to seeing you!!

  4. Wondered where you'd been. Haven't seen you around. Lovely pictures, hope you don't get triple digits.

  5. Wondered where you'd been. Haven't seen you around. Lovely pictures, hope you don't get triple digits.