Thursday, June 23, 2016


Today I mowed my yard AND the yard across the street. It is am empty house, been empty for 3 yrs now and it is government owned, a little letter on the window. The neighbor has tried contacting the phone number to get someone to come take care of the yard, and the city. No response from either.  Well, since it is government owned, it is my house too, right? And who is going to be offended or complain because the yard is cut.  there are just weeds, sparse grass, it is all died out.  It is a holy mess, in the backyard (which I did NOT mow) there are dandelions that are taller than I am!! AND many of them.. I did go back there and pulled about half of them... think a weed eater is needed for back there, and don't know if I m up to doing that.  Boy did my face get red... and I was sweating.... dust flying every which way, quite the procedure :)
High 70's today, lots of wind.. My friend in Iowa says it was 85 degrees with 86% humidity, whereas at the same time last week, we had 85 with 15% humidity, makes quite a difference as far as comfort goes :) they also had tornado warnings, we had none.... :)
I always get such a feeling of satisfaction when the yard is all mowed, borders done, weeds picked, things in their place and all is well :) AND I don't have to look across the street and see a messy yard!!! It looks a little loved now... think it would be a neat house for someone, 3 bdrms 1 bath, nice backyard/patio, new heat pump, single car garage.. just a nice little place, nothing fancy, but an abode for someone.. now of course it needs some work as it has been sitting for so long... paint at the very least, think the yard would come back with watering/weed/feed/thatching.. ah well, no telling how long it will take the 'government' to work thru whatever needs to be worked thru to get it on the market.  I think the lady that lived there (she passed away) had a low income loan and a loan from neighbor impact for the heat pump: per the neighbor who still lives next door to there....
Take care all, I have had a productive day and did a good deed too... God Bless


  1. We have a yard here that sure could use some tender loving care and it is not going to come from me. Just sayin'. Your flowers are so beautiful.

  2. Yes, a very good deed. I envy your weather!

  3. You are a good person, Loree.

  4. Not only was it a good deed but it gave you a better view from your house. Love those flowers

  5. Glad to hear some people are still ready to get off the couch and do a good deed like that. You're right about the weeds, getting rid of all the rubbish will pay off in the long run, and it's not going to spread over to your yard then either. Thank you for sharing this.