Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Remembering 46

I got nothing really....well guess I have 'something'
Today was Brian's 46th birthday, we are pretty low key, wonder if he gets disappointed? We ate at Dandy's, a hamburger joint, they deliver by roller skating.. one girl was practicing, so cute, she was a little timid.. then there are the ones that whiz back and forth, going in circles and braking, quite exciting to watch.... drove around looking at some of the job's he has completed on Awbry Butte... a shee, shee place in Bend, with million dollar homes, those people have so much money they don't know what to do with it and hire people all the time to 're-do' their landscaping.... really, a person does not do it themselves?  It does look really nice tho and low upkeep, zero scape, natural stuff... all hill tho, the houses sort of 'hang' out and over and the poor peon workers have to huck the grasses and plants, up and down the hills, fun huh? Brians legs are SOLID tho.... He has a torn or pulled rotator cuff, left shoulder and is off work this week, with vicoden and ice packs.... We stopped at the rock shop just south of Redmond and he got a couple rocks, great gifty huh?  he was happy... guess that is all it matters.
You know this getting older stuff is weird, it is hard to remember that I gave birth, the difficulty, the weeks and years there after and working and trying to have child care, then school starting and trying to get him where he needed to go and still be to work as expected, it all worked, one way or an another.  Remember one summer, start of summer, he got chicken pocks and fortuneately it was right at the end of the school year and Mom was off (she was a teacher) so she watched him for 2 weeks, fun huh? Can't believe she volunteered to do that,,, remember she said it was easy, baking soda baths and he slept all the time :)  thank heavens for our moms, huh?  He was such an easy kid tho, he ate anything, so probs, potty trained easy, one-two days and he had it down!!! Then we moved to Bend, met my friend Carol (Iowa) and she helped with Brian and I took her husband to and from work and where ever he needed to go that she could not take him ( he is blind) so we just traded services and became friends in the meantime.... last year of high school things changed, more independence and him wanting to do what he wanted to do.  Getting a car, insurance, working, girls... life changes we adjust, things move on...... and here we are...  old...... set in each our own ways, but getting along, each doing our thing...... love him dearly
Take Care and God Bless one and all


  1. Hard to believe Tracy will soon be the same age! Miss those days of you bringing the 2 of them to Molalla to visit, no potty stops for Tracy and that horrible Raging Bull movie we took them too, ugh!