Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Going On

Just some of the pretty wildflowers near Mammouth,CA.
Have just been 'catching up' with everything that needs to be done when you have been gone for a week.... laundry, yard work.  We had some huge thunder/lightning storms go thru here and it spayed down lots of the hollyhocks and lambsear.  Took out the lambsear nothing to be done with that and now it is ugly, but tried to stake up the hollies... do not look good, but want them to live out their lives and go to seed, not rot on the ground... took out all the forget-me-nots as they had seeded and were dying out.. and this all takes work.
Am also clearing out/cleaning the RV as a friend will be stopping by, picking it up and taking it to SoCal to sell... hopefully.. so getting it 'road worthy' think it needs batteries and tires, so he can get it down there, safely.  It is the end of a dream, BUT I had my time, however short I may think it is, and time to move on.  It was not really that much fun doing it all by myself, then being alone on the road and in strange rv parks across the country. BUT that is not to say the dream is not still there or that people were not kind and helpful, they were more than so, and my ideal of what it should have been like.... All you women out there with 'partners' just think of doing everything yourself, making plans, following thru, cleaning, dumping, hooking up, driving (I could not eat the night before I knew I was moving.. I would settle down about an hour or two on the road, but boy leading up to that, the anticipation and angst, is something I can well do without) freight trucks coming up behind you and the backwash after they pass, changing lanes with 40 feet of vehicle, it is just not on my list of top FUN things to do.....  soooooo am selling my dream and hope it goes fast, so I do not have linger over the decision or worry about it being 'down there' and me here and stuff that may need to be done to keep it up and running and happy.... want us BOTH to be happy.. hahaha
Take Care all and God Bless

p.s. hot weather is supposed to be back this week end :) at least here in C.O. we do NOT have the humidity that other parts of the country have....


  1. I was wondering if you still had the rig or sold it. That is a big motor home. I had a class c and if it wasn't for the steering problem I would have kept it. I would love to have a regular high top conversion van and I would be on the road all the time. Park it anywhere and do the stealth thing in parking lots if the need arose. Hope you get it sold quickly.

  2. I agree with Jo that the women I know solo mostly have smaller rigs and seem really happy with them. Maybe it was the size of your rig that made you so tense. Hope it sells quickly to someone who will really enjoy it.