Saturday, July 2, 2016


My Great niece, Chloe, 5 years old this year.  She wanted the lavender tiara, but did not really want to wear it.... so she does not look so very happy.... still cute tho!!!

Aren't the hollyhocks lovely... have been here since I got the house and have transplanted and moved and seeded. Last year there were hardly any and this year they have exploded all over the place.  Don't think the deer have found them!!  they had gone thru once and tore some huge leaves off, right at 1st this Spring, but so far, they have left them alone, if they are even around.  I suppose since I did not put in any garden items, they may not be interested, who knows???

So who remembers back to 4pm?  Can't remember if I fed the dogs or not.... yesterday they got dinner twice, I fed them, then Brian came in and fed them too, when I was out watering..  :(   AND the little heifers ate both dinners!!!! just like they were I can't remember, BUT they are not having a fit, so must have, or surely they would be letting me know I was negligent!!!

Am reading The Bone Tree by Greg Iles.. it is almost 900 pages and seems like I have been reading it FOREVER.... but have passed the middle and am on my way down.  This is like the 3rd book in this arc of characters he is writing about..... It is interesting and keeps on going along keeping my interest, so that is a good thing....
Also went to see The Free State of Jones yesterday,  it starts out with a horrid bloody battle, which was really icky, BUT once thru that, good movie, what people had to go thru to get the ability to vote in this country is completely taken for granted... and in the whole scope of things it was not that very long ago!!!  Sad.......
Today went to see Tarzan!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry am a big fan and love stories like that, it had large scope about a huge country the Belgium Congo and lots of animals, cinematography was great.....

That's it..... take care and God Bless

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  1. Smiling or not, it is a lovely pic of Chloe