Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cards 4 Xmas

 Just had a great time at the Thursday Christmas card class. Made all of these cute, cute cards. I especially like the multi fold ones and the different ways to do them.

This card has a 'new' process called
thumping' on the coloring.  You stamp the image,  then use different colored pens to 'thump' separate colors here and there on the stamp making the different colors here and there.  Then stamp the image. Used stickles to put the 'sparkle' on at the finish.

this uses a glassine window raised with foam adhesive strips to form a raised area that the sequins were poured into to make the sparkle behind Santa..

Halloween cards for al the 'littles' Had really fun making them and deciding how to get them all together. It is a really great punch!!

Lots o' cards and fun for all

Take Care and God Bless


  1. all the cards are beautiful and the fun. Maybe I should take up carding. I need something new to do

  2. So glad you enjoyed my Christmas card class!! It did seem a little early to be doing Christmas cards but you have to start early to get them all made, right? Just wait till next month's class!!! :-) See you there!!!

  3. I love getting all kinds of cards from you Loree! You do such a great job and they are beautiful and make me feel special ❤️

  4. What absolutely beautiful cards Loree. You are so talented. Really love the one with the tree and what looks like bailing twine.