Saturday, October 29, 2016

Love TV

Love the TV food station and all the kitchen shows on Saturday morning. Trisha's kitchen and Pioneer Woman, The Kitchen has four different people on there and you get all kinds of ideas.  Lots of sweets today. And Trisha had New Orleans things, like a weird, good sounding drink, benits (am sure that is NOT how it is spelled) crab cakes (yummy)
Just poured rain this morning, have MORE leaves on the backyard!!! But got upmost of them.
Went to a moving sale yesterday and picked up a triple birdhouse that I have been wanting for only $10, regular over 50!!! a pampered chef spoon dipper for cookies, have wanted one of those too, only $4, think they are regular $19.95, and a jacket for $2 made in Texas, black n white.... it was a good day.... the house was a modern one that took the place of those old mill houses, big soaring windows, BUT it was never finished, just drywall and then in some places only came down partway, kitchen was never finished, no cabinets or fixtures, no sink, just a frig in there, weird, only ONE bedroom, maybe they were in the process of remodeling, who knows, it was a hot mess tho!!! but had a GREAT view of Deschutes River nd oh, all of those windows, bet it was cold in the winter months!!!Shopped at the Gap and American Eagle but did not find anything.  Walked around Whole Foods Mkt, just like walking about, looking, got some met and cheese for lunch and a sailor jack, spiced nd raisins... yum.... then home and dogs, in and out, in and out
my life  :)
Take Care All and God Bless
Friend and fellow blogger Betty Graffis lost her husband Joe last week, wish her well.............


  1. Somehow no matter how many cooking shows I watch, none of the recipes end up in my kitchen.

  2. Somehow no matter how many cooking shows I watch, none of the recipes end up in my kitchen.

  3. Every time I see an estate sale sign I think of you! I even stop sometimes. Cannot buy anything now, though. Packing and sorting and getting rid of stuff that will not go to the new digs!

  4. Would have loved to see a picture of the bird house.

  5. We don't get any cooking shows on antennae. Maybe I can find them via Roku? Would also love to see the birdhouse when you have time to take a photo. Sounds like you had a good day just putzing around Bend.