Sunday, October 30, 2016


 AAArrrrggggg!!! LOOK at all of those leaves!!!  Yet again.  This is after I have picked them up 3x already... Had I NOT done that, they would probably be at a depth up to my waist I am sure!! They are the bain of my existence at this time of year!  AND now, these are all wet.  I have gotten two HUGE bins filled and dumped for the garbage pickup of yard debris, and can now put more in the bin because as of now it is empty, BUT learned from last year that you really do NOT want to put the leaves in there while wet, they get really heavy then hard to transport and start rotting and that is just plain gross, to then try to empty them at the dump, if that needs to happen. Have 6 HUGE bags in yard, off the grass to get into the pick up to take myself to the dump.  Sooo the process is on going and hope that I can get some dry weather, to dry those leaves and can get things picked up back there. Then really will be ready for winter and snow, should it come. And I surely do not want all of those leaves back there, then have snow added to the mixture.....

Really don't want snow on top of those leaves..... OH and just remembered have not picked up any of the leaves in the space between the shed and the fencing either, that is always fun- to maneuver back in that space , fill a garbage bag and drag it around the shed and out into the lawn area and then around to the pick up 9altho, I normally make Brian do all that picking up of bags and dragging , that is one of the things he is good for)

To the left is the beginning of the Xmas cards making.... worked on that that today,  they will be cute, seems as if there turns out to be many steps, done over and over, BUT  t is fun, creative and something special for the people I know, and it keeps me out of the bars... hahaha

Walking Dead on tonight... am apprehensive about what shockers they have concocted for us... but don't think it can be any worse that it was last week!

Take Care all and God Bless

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  1. I have another friend that just wrote me this morning, up in WA, complaining about all her leaves. I can only imagine how much work they are in Fall.
    Looks like the start of some really cool Christmas cards!!!