Thursday, October 13, 2016


Yes, I started the leaves... have filled a 50 gal recycle pick up bin and got 5 bags today.
Was a really slow start to the day, don't know what was wrong, but we all slept until 10a when the phone rang, don't know who it was, no message left.. BUT I did get to the leaves... we are to have rain tonight. Had wind and some sprinkles today when working in the yard, but nothing that sent me inside!  And worked in shirt sleeves. Brian was in Bend working and he said it rained on them all day!!  did not want all of those leaves on the ground and rain come. Also garbage tomorrow and needed to get the 'nuggets' picked up and in the garbage.. hate to have that stuff sitting in the backyard for days at a time, needs to be picked up!  Gets all soggy and the dogs step in it.  Carl spent most of the time out with me while I was out there, just layed by the door and supervised, hahahaha Now Luci, wanted inside after about 1/2 hour, that was enough for her.
Not much going on. Read the Perfect Horse about the Lipperzaner Horses of Austria, very readable.  Now reading Two By Two by Nicholas Sparks, probably turn it into another movie.... Spent time on the phone with insurance, doctors office and pharmacy trying to get prescription filled for newly diagnosed ulcer after EDG I had last week.  Spent spa days, got a facial after allergic reaction to  plant in my yard, euphorbia rigida or gopher plant... secrets a milky substance which I got on my hands then face, found out about it on google, pulled up most of that!!! With gloves on!! Got mani/pedi yesterday... so am all ready for whatever..... ??? BUT should IT happen, I am ready, HA!!
So nothing else...... day to day, week to week
Take Care All and God Bless... stay warm travel safe....


  1. I miss those autumn leaves... the crunch underfoot, the smell of them... and the colors! I don't think most places allow folks to burn leaves these days, but I like that, too. Love your sense of humor about getting ready for "it".

  2. Your timing was pretty good to bag all those leaves before the rains made them soggy. It's been raining in Sacramento all day long, and it's nice to see it.

  3. Oh my leaves are such a chore but I admire you for raking them. That's what I do but so many people use those loud leaf blowers with all that pollution they are breathing and miss out on the exercise of raking. I used the bags to kill the weeds in areas of the garden that had been cleared of vegetables. If you leave those black bags on an area for a week everything under it dies. Pretty easy weeding.

    1. Great idea with the 'weeding' by leaving bags on it, would never have thought f that!!

  4. I think I have mentioned I hate raking leaves:)