Thursday, December 29, 2016

Post...... everything

Just going along, day to day... still eating xmas cookies, fixed lamb loin chops for xmas day that were really, really good.... haven't been anywhere cept to Madras on xmas eve with family.
Took tree and all xmas stuff put away Tuesday.  have cleaned house and dumped things that did not need.  Cleaned refrigerator out today, boy that is an eye-opener!!! What I keep thinking I might eat it?? Really??? So now there is lots of room in there AND it smells all fresh and clean, so bright, it hurts the eyes.
have to rearrange and clean out drawers and closet.... it just seems so overpowering and the decisions to made too hard... better to think about it for awhile....
Got some new card product and want to try making some new/different cards. Also got some ideas from pinterest for gift cards.... always need those. need some on hand.
Am in a reading slump and can't seem to get interested in anything....
My car needs brakes and new tires...........................
ah geez, this is depressing..... bye for now
Take Care and God Bless

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