Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sacia's Birthday

Isn't this a festive picture??  We started at the Juniper Golf Club and there was NO ONE there, we were the only customers and a bartender. they only had sandwiches/burgers and we wanted something for dinner,  not a lunch thing, so we had the Lemon Drop and left for Downtown Redmond!!

It was a cold icy night.. This morning everything is melting and it is like there is a heat wave, downright balmy out there...

SO, we went to Diego's Brian got us a shot of VERY expensive tequila, it was so very good and went right down, did not taste like the normal, cheap stuff I am used to!!! Will have to upgrade my ways as this was really, really good.  THEN we ordered and I had the osso bucco (I think that is what it is called) OMG  so very good, a beef shank with truffle oil , mushrooms, sitting on some finely mashed potatoes, was very good, oh my goodness.... Brian got a huge Mexican something and Sacia filet mignon but mine just overtook both of theirs and did not get pictures of them....
We just ate and drank and relaxed and talked, was a very good night.
Happy, happy birthday to my very special niece..
(all pictures are by her, cept the one of us toasting, the waiter took that, he was very good)
Most enjoyable evening at Diego's in downtown Redmond. Second time I have been there and both times were good evening, great place to go, if you are in Redmond...
Take Care and God Bless all in the special season of the year!!!


  1. Looks like a great evening. I love a good lemon drop martini! Happy birthday Sacia!

  2. Your dish looks really good and I love that they stuck the branch in there. Happy Birthday Sacia