Thursday, December 8, 2016


WELL!!!! We have SNOW, have shoveled, with Brian's help 3x today! Just came down all day. Got some snow melt.  Had to go to post office again...., just go slow and give wide berth to everyone else.  Have a doc's appt tomorrow, but don't know that I will go, have to see what the nite brings. It is just really cold, cold, cold out there, and spend all my time trying to stay warm and cleaning up after the dogs, after they come in. They sure don't stay out there for very long and then only venture in the area that I have swept of the deeper stuff.  Yesterday the clouds parted briefly and could glimpse the Three Sisters and they were just beautiful, ALL white.  Pretty, pretty.. Mt Bachelor appears to be completely open and HooDoo opened too, Good for them, they have had a hard couple of years with no enough snow, or snow for only a week or so at a time, hope they are able to stay open and recoup from past years....
When going out, things were pretty slow and not many people out and about, lots of places were closed. Brian started 2 hours later than normal yesterday and today did not work at all.  They are working on building a park near a new development in Bend and have been cutting trees and limbs.
Hope everyone stays warm and safe!
Take Care and God Bless

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