Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ankle Update

Yep! This is my ankle... not a fun couple of days, just let me say.  BUT it is getting much, much better, have cut back on the meds, that Oxycodene works well people...
Upset that this will be what it looks like now forever, but what is, is, right? The pain was pretty unimaginable right at first, but it does get better, daily. if I sit with the leg up and still, it is ok, but dangle it down like to hop to bathroom with crutches and boy howdy, it just screams...
I am slow, I have to think things through on how to do something, can't just go barreling into something without knowing how to do something,  That is the way it was with the shower
Not to get the leg and cast wet at all, they want it 'bagged' twice and not in water.  well there was just no way to do that.  But last night I thought of a way.  Put the shower chair in backward, with the backrest next to the faucets. Sit on the edge of the bathtub, which is same height of the chair, then transfer self, dangle the left leg out of the shower and cover with the shower liner.  works really well, except for that 1st little spurt of cold shower, I can live with that, in order to get a shower and wash my hair!!! Did not even get water on the floor.  I was hasty tho, to... did not want to linger and give fate a chance.  There is only so much real estate to wash over in any case.... the hair was the most important...  Feel SO much better and human.  Brian washed sheets, so after bed was remade, with the TONS of pillows in place, I am the Princess once more  hahahaha
Yesterday morning we had excitement, I fainted on the way back to bed from bathroom, I even sat there for awhile too, on toilet after done as was feeling sort of funny, by the time I got Brian's name out, I was down, now my butt hurts too :).. Have never done that before, it was pretty weird, clammy/sweaty, black swirlies and down I went.  Did not hit my head tho or foot, thank heavens.  Brian insisted I call the Doc and they called back today, good thing I was not still on the floor huh??? Said I just had surgery, duh, needed to move slow and stay hydrated.  Really? they were most helpful.  the hospital did call me yesterday tho, to ask how I was and do a check-up, that was nice.... But the delay with surgery and waiting for a call back after falling down, am less than thrilled with dealing with this office....  Everything seems to be going according to plan tho, no swelling, that I can see, keeping it dry and have enough meds to last. Brian is attentive to my every call, was right there when I fell and was duly freaked by the whole thing
Luci has been my constant companion, was very worried after I fell too, cried and carried on, did not think she would ever calm down. But she has taken every opportunity to 'potty' in the house if Brian is not right there. 
Brian has also had to shovel snow, by himself!!!! Takes 2 hours to do the driveway and sidewalk after a dump! Last time was only 1 1/2 hours.  Have been thankful he has been off work due to weather, to be here, don't know what I would have done, well would have just languished here in my bed. Probably starve to death!! He leaves me a big jug of water, so I can fill my glass when I need to, so I don't have to call for that... Just call when Luci jumps down, or need some food thrown at me :)
This too will pass
Take Care and God Bless All.. Stay warm and safe!!!


  1. That is an uncomfortable-looking foot and ankle. Here's hoping you're able to move beyond this soon!

  2. Oh my goodness. You are quite rhe trooper. Great inventive shower strategy. Glad to hear Brian stepped up. Wish he could get family sick leave to continue to help. You need it. Best wishes!!

  3. Oh my goodness. You are quite rhe trooper. Great inventive shower strategy. Glad to hear Brian stepped up. Wish he could get family sick leave to continue to help. You need it. Best wishes!!

  4. Nice the way you figured out the shower, not nice that you fainted and hit the floor. Just so happy no further damage was done in the fall. Poor Lucy she just doesn't know what to make of all this. Wishing you well

  5. Thank God for Brian! Praying for your complete recovery.

  6. Oh my, such a trooper you are. I, too, and glad that Brian can help some, and that you are at least ok enough to keep writing. Fainting? so scary! You take care, Loree

  7. Hi

    Saw the ankle post and had to check out your blog. I had a similar injury (trial + dislocation) and had to get the rod and screws also. It was in November 4 years ago but I remember it so well and all the hassles that went along with it: getting around, pain, having to ask for help with everything, the weeks of no weight on it then slowly adding weight, no walks for my dogs for weeks and weeks.....Ugh! You can read about my process here: Hope that you are doing ok and adjusting. Just rest as much as you can and don't try to hurry your recovery. Very best wishes to you.