Monday, January 2, 2017


Yes, well......
Friday I broke my left ankle (lateral malleolus of left fibula) and sprained, I think is all, something behind the knee.  I was really a spectacular fall... right next to my car. Had gone to Fred Meyer and got all done, cart back to the storage area and just taking the last steps to get in the car.  LOTS of great people came to help  get me up. Since it is the left foot and I have an automatic, was able to get myself home.  then thought maybe it was not too bad and all would be well,  Not so much.. Went to Your Care Urgent care place right near me on Saturday, Brian took me to that, as I could not move about at all and he went in to get a wheel chair. Very nice people in there too, but boy was it cold in there!!! And now am waiting for a call from the orthopedic surgeon.  Sent me home with a boot and crutches. That boot cost more than I would spend on shoes!!!! Keep elevated and on ice.  Have some pain pills, but the pain has really tapered off, and extra strength Tylenol seems to work well every now and again. Brian, I believe is already getting weary of me yelling at him to get one thing or another. Trying to stay hydrated, as I tend to not do that when in bed all the time... BUT that means I need to get up and hop into the bathroom more often, oh dear.....So started the year off with an adventure... and what I wanted to do was start out by going back to the gym, so I called and cancelled that, won't be in there for awhile I would think.... am NOT looking forward to another surgery and recovery..... hope it does not send me round the bend or up the tree, wherever....
AND we got more snow!!! and it is supposed to be sub zero weather for a couple days or so coming up, lovely.... I never was able to get out and clean up the back yard the last couple days, so cold, the poop freezes to the ground, can't chunk it up!!!
 Have a friend trying to get me a bath chair, so I can get into the shower.  Everything is so much harder to do or get to, when one of your appendages is not working properly.
Take Care all and God Bless... stay safe out there, tread carefully....


  1. So not happy to hear this. I broke my ankle and ruptured my Achilles tendon in 2008. Spent four months in casts and a wheel chair cause I kept falling with crutches. The bathroom was the hardest room to figure out. So my heart goes out to you.

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  3. What a thing to happen and at this time of year! I hope whatever surgery you need goes well and you recuperate quickly. I have a fear of falling (like most people my age). It seems none of us can really escape it in the long run. Good luck, and take care.

  4. OMG! This is terrible! You sound like you have a sense of humor about it, though, and that will get you through. Happy New Year, and good luck with the surgery/recuperation. Like Sandie, my heart goes out to you.

  5. Hopefully you won't need surgery but if you do I hope all goes well. I took a good flop 2 weeks ago and the Dr. couldn't believe I didn't break anything sure was bruised everywhere. At least you have hobbies to occupy some of your time. Take care wishing you well

  6. Oh Loree a broken ankle and a boot. Don't know if you were reading my blog when I broke my ankle for the 2nd time at Glacier National Park but since it was my second break of the same ankle I refused the boot which had caused me more trouble down the road than the ankle break which healed. But the boot put my back and hips out of alignment and it took more than a year to finally get to be pain free. My strong advice is to endure crutches as bad as they are rather than that boot. Sure hope your situation doesn't require surgery and it heals quickly. So sorry to hear this. I know just how much of a pain in every way a broken ankle is.

    1. sherry, hope u look back here, cant comment on yr blog again asks for a profile, then gives you nothing to choose...
      but yes I do follow, love when u guys go to Disneyland!!! of course all the nature and the turtles!!! Sorry David is feeling badly (cold) hope he gets better soon. Love pictures of Carrie and baby, she sure is growing!!

  7. Ouch! Hope it heals pass. Anneke fel and broke her ankle in BiG Bend NP and it took awhile but it was as good as new in the end. Hang in there:)