Monday, January 23, 2017

No More...

Well after endoscopy this morning, I have no more ulcer, that is really good news....
We had another skiff of snow last night.. geez.... But it had melted a lot over the week end. AND we are in the process of losing our little weeping cherry in the front yard, no piled up on it, then shoveled on it and the weeping branches just split off of the main truck, it is a sorry mess and leaning at an un-natural angle.  It is very sad thing... have to get another....
Tomorrow is foot doc appt.... can hardly wait for that, am hoping for something I can walk in, but may be too soon, but that is what I am hoping for, one can hope.
Take Care and God Bless, Stay WARM!!!


  1. Yippee Skippee! Do you have to stay on your medication?

  2. Great news on the ulcer/ If you are still non-weight bearing, ask the doctor about ordering a leg wheelie thing. It beats crutches and your leg is on a scooter kind of thing as you walk around.

  3. Love the ulcer news. Hope the foot news is that good.