Friday, January 20, 2017

(small) Rant

I am SO very sick of seeing that there are so many people out of work and it is all Obama's fault.  Unemployment rate in Oregon is 4.7% as of Dec 2016!!!  The Federal unemployment rate normally followed pretty close to the state.  People!!!!
I worked for the Oregon State Employment Dept for over 30 years and the WHOLE time I do not remember there EVER being a rating so low, even during the Clinton era, Maybe down around 5.4% for short periods of time. And normally much, much higher, with extensions and people getting UI for over a year!!! Some even longer. Special schooling programs ran for 2 yrs or more.   EB, (extended benefits) FSB (1 and 2) (federal benefits) OB, (Oregon benefits) extensions went on and on, over and over, to keep the economy moving any way they could. This during the 70's-2000, the Republican reigns...  so for me 4.7% looks downright cheery....
 AND just try to get a call thru to the Employment Dept in this day and age, they have cut services to such a degree that NO ONE can get thru to talk to a person. Customer service is down the drain.  My son had an issue last year and was on hold for over 6 hours and finally gave up. IF you can get thru first thing in the morning, like the 1st hour of opening you can leave a call back # and they will get to you in the next day or so. So stay chained to your phone! But after that magic window, you can't even leave a #. The days of talking to a real person are far and few.   They do not have a local office to go in to either, everything is run by phone. But I will give them credit, once you got hold of a person, they did take care of the problem...
That is it, just sayin' and the UI rate was much higher when Obama took over... (I retired in 2002 so am not up on the rates for sure since then, but remember them to be higher and had just gone into an extension when I left (think it took 6.7%, to trigger) as I was so disappointed that I had to live thru another one, because it required so MUCH more paperwork and work to apply for and get going and I thought I would dodge it all, ha) Just another case of not believing everything that is written or take as gospel.. (especially when coming from a certain camp)
Take Care and God Bless


  1. I've read that they no longer count those who have given up looking for work, that keeps the rate down. If you counted everyone under 65 who is not working or retired, it would be much higher. Is that true?

    1. Yes, that is true, people who give up looking or are no longer claiming are not counted. But the bean counters I worked with always said 'it works out' but could never tell me how.. but that there was not that much of a difference. ??? BUT they always use that countable number....

  2. I'm so sick of this blame game. the only thing I truely didn't like was the Obama Care I think he did a darn good job.

    Hope you ankle is doing well.