Sunday, January 8, 2017


Note they do not venture out very far at all and if it is covered in snow it is worth pooping there, even if it is the sidewalk...

These pics are taken really fast, not well edited either, but wanted to get something onto the blog before my BIG surgery tomorrow.  The snow has been unrelenting and pretty continual. when Brian came in tonight he said it was trying to rain, which means freezing rain. There is no where to pile the snow.  It is a good thing I am no longer shoveling, it gets so high I can no longer lift it up and over the berm made on prior days.  And that is pretty much where it has gotten to... He has been a couple times to the store and runs out of cigs :) so has to go out to get more so has to keep things shoveled, priority, right?

Finally saw doc last Thursday and scheduled the surgery for tomorrow, have to be there at 7a. Yes I am keeping it iced up but still is horrible bruised and hurts like a bugger. am hoping that it won't hurt after surgery, right?? Well, anyway eventually that is what I am hoping for. But there is nothing to do but to have the, there is no alternative, I saw the x ray and the bone is apart down there, not together like it is supposed to be, so, there you go. I just have such feelings of dread about it tho.....
My brother and sister in law are driving in to be with me... thru the horrid weather, but they are both truck drivers, log and long haul, so they certainly know how to get about in the bad weather, and I am just not going to worry about them, they will be fine!
So here is m, signing off for awhile, and hope you are well, safe and warm
Take Care and God Bless

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  1. Wishing you the best in recovery Loree. Dr. can do amazing things these days. Will you keep you in thoughts.