Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Lesson


Don't know if this is a good topic or not, but.... it is a good lesson, if not for anyone else then certainly for me.
Redmond is a small town for those of you that don't know.  was population of 4,000 when I was in high school. It was a great source of amusement to people I met in the Navy that the Enterprise had more people on it than my home town!!! For heaven sakes.....
Now there are probably close to 20,000..... yep urban growth, about 100,000 in Deschutes County overall.  But that is still small, right.  I can go to places, events and not see another person I know. And thank heavens that remained true today.
I had to do a colon thing and rather than go to the hospital, which I blatantly refused to do, as I do not ever want to have to go thru another 'prep' for that procedure ever again!!! And I am conscious of at least trying to keep insurance costs down, and not have unnecessary procedures done.  So...... there is a 'thing' now you can do where you go in this container (yes, you KNOW what I mean) and then ship it off. Rest assured there are many enclosures to protect said item from escaping.. AND there was a 26 page booklet that was very clear and concise in how to accomplish this task.  Huge sealed container, plastic zip lock bag, then coated enclosed, taped box, that was square (this point is very important...square)  return UPS box. Paid shipping and all.
Well...... there is a drop box for UPS behind the Bank of the Cascades and I figured that I could just slip by there, insert said box and be on my way.. (here is the lesson part)  so I could just go in my pajamas, no need to get all fixed up/dressed to do this deed.  No one would see me......
Well...... the box would NOT fit in the drop box..  no, nope, no way..... no matter how I turned it... it was the same size, no matter how it was turned, took a while for me to figure that out.  The drop box is about a mile or 2 from the house.  I am NOT going to go back home and get dressed.... have my hoodie on over the pj's... look on the phone  (this drop box is by handicap parking, I have my boot on, I am handicapped, right? altho no handicap sticker... and a guy in a car waiting obviously wanted to park in handicapped parking, so I hobble back to car)  per the phone there are 6 UPS places, Postal Connection is one, I go there all the time, so go there, about 6 blocks away, There is a notice in the window re: UPS which was in big letters but body of the notice was not, so had to get out of car, in all my glory and read the notice.... all UPS now being picked up at new UPS store on Veterans Way, by Fred Meyer... lots of people and traffic there!!!  So off I go. Pulling in there, someone pulls right in front of me from opposite direction and parks in front of the store, so have to go to another spot, about 8 parking places down. AND I have to get OUT of the car traipse with my boot and pajamas in front of 3 other stores to get to UPS and go INTO the store, where I was THIRD in line... and wait to drop off my box of turd..... ((do you think they know what is in that box? I am sure I am not the only one to ever have to do this, or the only box sent from Redmond like this, do you? AND I have actually seen people in Wal-Mart in their pajamas before...))
Will NEVER again think I can just go on a short, covert mission without getting dressed and ready to be out in public, as you really don't know what the day will bring your way....

Other than that, was a great morning, we had a good soaking rain and I can see GREEN bursting forth everywhere, can actually SEE buds on the lilac trees, from my back door!!! Not long and there will be blooms and sweet smelling things all about us!

Take Care and God Bless all

p.s.  I am not one to give up, even in adversity and the darn thing HAD to be in the mail the SAME day as the deposit for overnight delivery... timely thing, you know... hahahaha


  1. Loved this. I could just see you with your box, boot and jammies wandering around. I got a great laugh.

  2. Oh my' You sure gave me a good laugh at your expense. Thank you for sharing.

  3. LOL. The only place I go in my PJ's is to my mail box!