Friday, March 31, 2017

Nothing Much

Just doing the samo, samo thing over and over. weather getting good, things are blooming in the yard, little buds coming out all over the place.  My forsythia made it thru the winter, I thought it was not going to survive the move, but it did, am excited.  Got red onion starts today for the garden. The grass came back from the snow moss, which is a good thing. Doggies are doing well.
My sister-in-law lost her mother, 85.... very sad. The memorial service was very nice. Good seeing people. but sad to only see them at such a time.
Doc apt is Tuesday, can hardly wait!!!! Am sure I will get out of that darn boot....
Been reading a blog for a long time 5C's Que Paso..... (5 years or longer I am sure) they have two red doxies and live in British Columbia and go to Matzatlan every winter.  They had to put both doggies down yesterday, so sad, my heart hurts so for them, been crying off and on all day. They have had long history of medical issues and were 12 and 14 yrs old.  Got so darned attached to them, loved reading about them and things they were doing. Will continue to read. They are kind, compassionate people, who have an interesting life and am sure this was a long, considered decision.  But still a surprise ... 
oh, this is a morose entry, huh?
Take Care All and God Bless

p.s. CJ Box has a new book out, got it, am reading..... love it....
also read Robin Carr, What We Find... like her books, light reading
T Greenwood, The Golden Hour, very good mystery, have to get more of her books
Georgia Hunter, We Were The Lucky Ones, about the Holocaust, very good
Min Jin Lee, Pachinko, about South Korea, 3 generations. Did not change my mind about people who would throw away children who had American fathers or other 'not pure blood' children. (the Japanese did not come off any better either) but well written

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  1. Putting one pet you love down is hard but putting two down must be almost unbearable. So Sad. I do hope you get your boot off soon.