Monday, April 10, 2017

Ankle update

These two pics were from a couple weeks ago, am really slow about getting things downloaded. Noticed have not had any pics on the blog for a time and it was time to look at the old camera.

Have been spending all of my time cleaning.  Friend from Iowa is coming for a visit and my house, since I have done virtually NOTHING all Winter, is a mess and not fit for anyone to see except for me. But, you know it feels good to have cleanliness all about me.... have not started on the yard, except for small things here and there, when I could bend over while walking about looking at things.... it is truly a sobering thing when your laziness hits you right between the eyes!!!!
AND you know, one thing leads to another in cleaning and takes longer than you think it will after you get elbow deep into things.  I like doilies about, under lamps and hanging on shelves, and those had to be removed when dusting and just shaking them out did not work, had to actually WASH then bleach them out, dry them, then iron.  Some things moved, to other places, or gotten rid of, yes, I actually got rid of some things.!!  Paper is in abundance, I thought this was a paperless system?  Then magazines.  I had quilting mags from 2007!!! My goodness. Found a place for them. And the hospital was happy to get new magazines and National Geographics to place in the waiting room.  There is a place for things that just don't need to be in MY house!!! You can recycle, re-use.

The doc apt for the ankle was put off for almost 2 weeks past when I should have gotten in. But they were on Spring break, then the doc had surgeries that came up, guess people are still falling and breaking limbs!!  BUT x-rays were good, nothing they were alarmed with.  OUT of the boot, don't even need a brace! But should have the ace bandage on still.  Have to have shoes that are not too tight, so into the Keens and my cute little shoes and sandals will have to wait for awhile.  Every day gets better as far as the feeling in the foot goes, still have sort of 'pins n needles' sensation and some shooting nerves now and again.  Unsteady on the feet as not used to walking 'normally' I guess.  BUT just so very thankful that all went well and things are healing and I am weight bearing and walking about!!!! Notice if on my feet for too long a time will swell up some and get tired still. But can go back to normal living and to the gym/yoga if I so desire :)  hahahaha  Which I really need to do, I know, I know..... (niece has been after me about this and DO need to heed her!!)

Got new back end brakes and tires all around for the car....OUCH!!!! But now I feel safe :)

Life goes....

Take Care and God Bless


  1. Lovely flowers. I'm happy for you to be up and going again. Life is good

  2. Spring cleaning - yep I really need to get busy and do some of that too. But I just don't want to. Can you hear the whine in my voice? lol It's going to take at least another six months before you really start to notice how much better your ankle feels and works. And even after all these years, if I over do it, mine still swells and lets me know to stop it. But you are making great progress.

  3. I'm glad to hear your ankle is improving so well. Don't overdo the cleaning though - bad for ankles I hear! I envy your energy in even thinking about cleaning. I sit here in a hopeless mess.