Friday, April 21, 2017

Sunny Day

More stuff from the backyard..
Made my 'puffy pancake' (or dutch baby) today and left out the milk, it was horrid!!! No one would eat it... Did not PUFF. And was heavy, just dropped like lead to the stomach!! What will I do next???
Swiss steak tonight was good, and ruebens I made yesterday turned out ok, but geez, to leave out the just about most important thing, I don't know.
Friend from Iowa is visiting me for my 70th b'day, on the 19th, yes, I am that old, who knew that would happen??? We are having a good time, tho, looking around at things and talking, talking, talking.
I don't have much insight into reaching this advanced age... just do one day at a time and try to keep the topside upright.
Hope everyone is happy and healthy, Take Care and God bless
Oh.... it was a beautiful, sunny day today...

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