Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bloomin Yard!!

Today Carl is in the vets for dental work, again... SO decided to clean house, becuz, HE barks the whole time the vacuum is running and it is SO annoying!!!! So I was able to clean house, in quiet. It was actually NOT annoying and sort of ok... got it all done. In bedding mode right now.

Yesterday I finally finished the sidewalk area weeding, took forever it seemed, maybe a week, used to get it all done in a day or so.. Still have the garden area to do, but it looks so very good weedless. Got the pick-up running, after a Winter of sitting there not driven, the battery was dead, so charged and it started right up. So now am ready to go get compost and some gravel, to spiff up areas around the yard... Have to get some seed out again in the back yard, would like to have the area outside back door in grass, but with the dogs, seems impossible to do.  Or at least keep it grassy, get it to grow in the 1st place..... Have done it at least 3X but then left for a couple weeks and it dies as not watered enough, so maybe this will be the year I can get grass back there and get it established in order to stay, who knows??
The blooms in the yard are lovely, the top is a quince (pink) and bottom is a weeping cherry, that we thought we had killed by shoveling snow on it and broke off some of the limbs, but Brian used duct tape (that stuff works for everything, huh?) and the limbs are blooming!!! miracle!
Take Care All and God Bless

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  1. Our pups are just scared of the vacuum but they don't bark. Thank goodness. For a dead plant, that flower is gorgeous.