Saturday, May 6, 2017

No Worries...

Birthday dinner toast....
lemondrop martinis!! Yummm...

Well, took Carl to vet yesterday and all went well as can be expected... bad arthritis, pills for the pain, he is taking the SAME thing I took for nerves in my ankle!!! How about that???!!! He needs more dental work, had an ear infection, yet again or still, whatever... at least he does not appear to be on his last legs, having blood tests done and collected poop and pee this morning, good thing there is not a utube video of that procedure!!! He was truly horrified that I was trying to stick a plastic tray under him while he was trying to pee, just flipped himself around and sat down and glared, actually glared at me for doing something so awful in his vulnerable moment!!!!  At least I got a very small bit and apparently it was good enough, ran it right down to the clinic, they had impressed on me that they needed it 'fresh'.... geez, the things we do for out pets.... (well, not mine really)
AND I want to give a shout out to friend Tanya for coming in to town at 9am to help get him in the car and out at the vets then back at home, don't really know if I could do that myself... he Weighs 46# has lost 8# in the last year..... can feel his backbone.  You know, you get used to seeing them and don't notice these things or choose to ignore them until you have to take them to the vet/doc and explain yourself and your actions and what is going on with your dog/pet.  it is sobering to say the least.  It is not like we neglect him or anything. I mean all he does is sleep and go potty, eat twice a day, administer pills. Brian spends time at night with him.  Carl and I just tolerate one another and get along for Brian's sake... (neither one of them think Luci is ok and just put up with her for MY sake, and Carl takes out after her once in awhile to put her in her place, I guess, but that is truly awful when it happens and Luci is quite offended)   He certainly did soak up all the attention at the vets tho.... don't know what it is, but he is a 'chick' magnet for sure, all the assistants wanted to sit on the floor and cuddle him... I guess they are not the ones having to clean up after him on a daily basis is what makes him so alluring????
BUT I am glad that he is around for a bit more and that we don't have to make any 'final' decisions..

The large buildings are the St Charles Medical Center complex on Neff Road seen from the top of Pilot Butte in Bend.... Just thought it an interesting picture.... there gets to be more and more of those buildings and they keep getting bigger and bigger.
Got water going on the yard, the lilacs are budding out, going to be a lot of them this year!!! Got the lawn mowed, now need to do the edging.... still weeding, but getting there and can now sit in my chair and not see any weeds.  Just stay in the chair and not go to the side of the house and no worries :)  
Take Care all

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  1. Glad to hear Carl is just suffering from getting old like the rest of us!