Monday, May 1, 2017

You know ....

All my pictures are on the phone and somehow they no longer show up on blogger why is that anyway???
Spring is here, but hard to know, there is still snow in the Cascades, sometimes on a daily basis.  But I have blooming things in the yard!!! So very happy about that and there were very beautiful tulips in downtown Redmond today.
My bestest friend from Iowa is here and we have been busy trying to DO things.  Today went to Soup to Nuts in Redmond for some of the best ever soup and home made bread n LOTS of butter, yumm!!! Then to Prineville, to see what there is to see and found some cute little stores, with shabby chic stuff in them.  Then the drive home, thru the Crooked River area, very pretty and very green!!!!
We have DONE Sisters, Stitchin Post, lunch with my niece at Snow Cap, good burgers. yesterday was my nieces daughter's birthday, 5 years old, wow, time goes!!! Went to a LulaRoe pop-up, lots of clothes, lots of women all crammed into a double garage  :)
Have been to see "Gifted" great show, we both cried all the way thru it!!!
Antique stores in Redmond. Downtown Bend and Old Mill Dist... so many stores, so little time.... Watching many TV shows, driving around trying to find Pokémon (don't ask, I don't understand)
Talk and talk and talk...
Dinner for my Birthday!!! on the 19th and then dinner again on 29th with Brian again...
dogs in and out, that seems to be a constant in my life!!!!
Went to a couple estate sales and a huge garage sale in Culver and to Madras to see brother and SIL.
Just driving about and showing Carol all of the places she remembers and how things have grown and expanded.  She keep saying ' I just don't know where I am?  Where is this?'
We have had a great time and now there is only ONE day left.  We have to be grateful for all of the time we DO have to get to spend together and not despair over all of the time that we can't see one another. It would just be so very wonderful to live close to one another all of the time.
Take Care and God Bless all and Bless and care for my friend......

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