Friday, June 16, 2017

This Day

June 16th is my parents wedding anniversary, it would have been their 71st....

Went to a funeral today. Mom's niece's husband. Mom's sister, Leona, was the first born about 20 years before mom, the last born.  So mom was an aunt when she was born, basically.... and she grew up with all of Leona's kids, there were 4 girls and a boy.  they did lots of things together.  I did not know them very well, don't even ever remember interacting with Bob Harper, but I did see his wife Norma a couple of times, and their girls (2) and she was at mom's funeral.  That will be 11 years ago this October.  Time sure does a trick on us, doesn't it?  We are loosing all of these older relatives, the people that lived thru a depression and a World War, the Korean War. Can we not learn by their experiences??  b4 TV and cell phones.  Remember Mom saying they did not even know Roosevelt had leg braces or was in a wheelchair, boy that is not the case now, we know every little thing that happens in real time.. is that for the better?

Pray God we can remember......

We are having extremely crud weather here, rain, overcast, in the 60's... supposed to get nice by next week, I keep waiting.....

I did plant grass out back and have little, tiny green shoots coming up, very exciting.
Right this moment, my grass is cut, edged, everything weeded and watered, that is pretty darn exciting too.

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  1. I agree, way too much info repeated and repeated and repeated. Ignorance is bliss but also dangerous. Cliché to there should be balance.