Wednesday, July 5, 2017

97 !!!!

 YES!!!! You read that right, it is 97 here today and that was at about 11am, so don't know what it got to by afternoon.....
It really stays pretty nice in here, I keep things closed up until evening, BUT by evening about 5p it all catches up and boy it gets warm in here, have two fans that I have on high, and that is my coolant.. hee-hee... fun, huh?  but you know it is only for a couple days, weeks, does not last forever or all summer and it is a dry heat. Rarely does it get humid... if there are thunderstorms.... then

Got this trellis as I needed it.  Moved a honeysuckle bush from a friends house last year ( I have had this for years and this is the 2nd time it has been cut back and moved)  It did not do too well last year, but it survived!!! And this year it is going crazy, it needed something to twine around and as you can see by the picture below it is doing a good job of it!!! Even had blooms off and on this spring and summer, so far

 Those yellow flowers are calendula and are all NOT planted but seeded there from in front of the house, so am happy with those, but fear I am going to have LOTS of them, have little seedlings coming in all over that center area between sidewalk and road, but better than weed, huh???

the iris in the top portion on the left of picture I moved there from the back yard, where I fear it is too shady (think I will get hostas to put in there) BUT they did really well this spring, lots of blooms. there is also daffys in there too.

And LOOK at these hollyhocks!!! Oh, my.... there was ONE hollyhock in that side yard, by the sidewalk when I moved in here, I dug it up and moved it, did not do anything for a couple years, but boy, howdy, they are doing well now, they are a dark burgundy color, wish they were that pretty pink or white eve. But, no.  the neighbor gave me some white seeds, but they did not take. but these sure did.  I have even dug some up as they were in the area where I want walkways.  but they are kind of fun.  I like things that keep coming up and spreading about... If it does not bloom, it is out of here.  Just have to find the right thing that will do well in here is all...

Have two different types of daisys, these and then the stockier/more sturdy Shasta daisy.. Have a huge bush of them in the berm under the front yard tree that Brian made for me....

Well, that is it.  Have just been laying low, trying to sty cool, did not even go to the July 4th parade in Downtown Redmond, BUT I did dress in my flag tee and lularoe 4th of July leggings :) until early afternoon got so hot had to take them off!!! (remember Carol) some July 4th's the evening have been so cold we had to sit out all bundled in blankets, not so yesterday!!!! AND there was no fire on the Butte, a good thing (there is a cinder butte right in middle of Bend and they shoot the fireworks off of that every year, used to do them in Drake Park on Mirror Pond/Deschutes River but have not done that for years... anyway.... Pilot Butte is where they send them off and the top is ringed with all the fire trucks in town just in case.  this time of year it is always dry up there and it is a toss up and great excitement if there is a fire that gets started :) Hasn't been one in a few years tho.....
There are also fireworks at the fair grounds in Redmond.....

Well Take Care All and God Bless the U.S.A.


  1. So nice to see lovely plants and flowers that critters like we have here (deer and gophers) haven't eaten! Beautiful!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! When I was a little girl, my grandma made dolls out of hollyhocks.

  3. Your yard is beautiful Loree - never the same, always changing and blooming! What - no fire on Pilot Butte!!! Those years were memorable ❤️

  4. Loree, the garden is maturing and getting better every year! It is beautiful and has prospered under your tenacious hands! I have made a good start this year panting hostas, ferns and rose bushes. Guthrie gave me several seed packets for my birthday and I am hoping the Chinese lanterns take off, but am not holding my breath. Everything else is blooming in planters!

  5. Your yard looks absolutely wonderful!! love all the flowers and such. Hmmm....thinking that yellow flower is coreopsis, not calendula. Check them out on the internet. The coreopsis is a great perennial that reseeds and loves the heat. Calendula not so much. It reseeds but blooms earlier and likes cooler temps. Either way, it's all lovely.

    1. Oops, you are probably right... seems lately I get words with the wrong meaning and more than likely got that wrong too!!

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