Wednesday, July 26, 2017


 Am taking silly pictures of every part of Luci and Carl.. because, someday... well you know.... and I want to have pictures to remember every little part of them

They do such cute things, lay in such odd positions...

I mean, just look at this sweet little tummers..... so soft and relatively hair free.. 10 years from now will I remember it.. exactly????

How she lays with her little legs crooked over her tummy.... I want to KNOW what those things looked like!

This is where she is most of the time... right by my left side.... even in bed she is by my left side (while I cling to the edge of the bed)  ;0 yes, she pushes me out and over and out of her way and lays right in the middle of the bed...

life is hard, you know....

such a sweet little face..... she has her little sheepskin pad that she lays on.... If I keep taking pictures, then eventually I will get the perfect ones.... I do have a 'baby' book that I have done of Luci, I know, I know, a bit over the top, huh??? she was such a cute little thing, fit in the palm of my hand, when I brought her home.  My room mate and I saw a little one with some people at the pet store, talked to them and they gave the name of the people out near the hospital in Bend, we called, made an appointment and went right over.  did not take long at all to make a decision and write a check... she was mine and I have been her mama/person ever since.... she has been a constant companion and great traveling partner. (and I know, people that know her think she is a shit, she is that too!  :)  BUT she is MY shit....

I read in a book lately  that had"small house, great peace" carved over the door of a long cabin in Alaska,   want to have that done on a wall plaque.. neat huh???

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. I think it is good to take pictures because like you said you might not remember her smooth little belly in 10 yrs - I mean you have trouble remembering to turn off the stove now........just sayin' 😉

    1. Geez, thanks Carol, can always rely on you to remind me of life's little quirks!!

  2. Photos of our hounds are always a good thing to look back on. I am in the process of scanning my old pictures of past bassets and bloodhounds into my computer, each having their own album. Forced sleeping on the edge of the bed sounds too familiar.

    1. Do you let those huge dogs up on your bed?? :)