Saturday, July 29, 2017

Lilies are blooming

Aren't they something?  Have them under my bedroom window out front, direct morning light and shade in afternoon, facing East. Can't quite figure them out, they come up in different places, in the same area. the tubers must migrate or something.  Had some on that horrid South side in the heat all day and they did not make it.  Even tho I do water all the time, just not enough I guess and just too hot, they just dried right up.

Still have some sunflowers, but some are over the hill, but the bees and birds still like them, so leave them in until Fall even tho they are ugly..

 Love this sweet little birdhouse on a stick.  next to my oregano and can't remember what those pink things are.. they do good now and again, this was a good year. Then there are getting to be more of them too spreading...

Not much going on, just trying to stay as cool as I can and not be uncomfortable.

Reading  Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbe, about immigrants from Camaroon, Africa and it is not very uplifting, I hope things work out for them, but does not seem promising... ICE and Lehman Bros in 2008,, so things are slowly going downhill while they all are trying to hold on by their fingernails. They are nice/kind people too.

Think Luci got stung by a bee. She leaped in the air, yelped, ran across the lawn shaking her right/front paw.  Would not let m look really good, but could not see anything and gently tried look between toes, on her leg. Now she is sleeping across the room from me. Not whiney or anything tho.

Someone asked about knats or mosquitos while I was sitting out and NO, we don't have those. Don't remember knats at all, BUT we did have bad mosquitos in the 50-60's but I remember them going up and down the allys spraying for them, probably with DDT, that's probably why I am getting dementia now!!  Hahaha...  There is bad mosquitos in the mountains tho... and probably if there were any standing water, but the water soaks into the volcanic dust/cinders in no time at all.  that is why I have to keep watering my yard!!!! Just soaks it right up/in.

Take Care All n God Bless

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  1. As usual, your garden is flourishing! I did a little planting at my new property this spring; roses, 4pots of plants from seeds Guthrie gave me for my birthday, some cone flowers, hostas and ferns. Next year must do a little more. Although my rule is the plantings must be able to care for themselves. I do not like watering and weeding!