Sunday, July 23, 2017

Morning Garden

Just love my little house... would like to have quartz  surfaces in kitchen and bathroom and large kitchen (but then just more to clean, eh?) but, really it is just about perfect for me at this time, does not take forever to upkeep and really does not need a lot of things to make it up to date.  Just cozy...
And the yard is coming along...

I never really licked hostas, but am getting there, they have a place and am going to get more for the backyard.  there are so many different colors of them.  This is the first year for blooms on this one and they are stunning, really!!! have decided I LIKE them!!

 AND those sunflowers.. I don't plant them, I think the birds deposit as they fly away from the feeder... the bees really like them, and all in my yard are not planted, they just came up, so they are willy-nilly, here and there, usually, but this year are mainly in this one little re, which is fine...

And ALL of these hollyhocks, they just came from one little plant that was here and I transplanted it and then laid down the stalks one year when was cleaning up and all the seeds fell out in that one place and then spread from that one  that was transplanted. DO wish they were that pretty light pink color tho and not this dark burgundy, but it is ok... and this year I have a lot of stalks and not a lot of bloom, maybe later, huh?

And love my little chair here.. Am sitting in another chair taking these pics.  I like pics of andirondock chairs at different locales around the country... Have seen them in Door County, WI, by lakes, rivers, overlooking stunning views... neat...

Just look at all of those hollyhocks!!!  They have BIG roots, too when trying to dig them up!!

Little birdhouse behind the flowers..

What is real and what is not??? HA!!!

Yep, Garden is coming along....

God Bless All


  1. I love your little Sunshine Cottage too! And the people that live there : )

  2. I love all that and where your home is too. Sweet little town

  3. Great pictures, you do live in a great place. A reader mentioned Hollyhocks to me just this morning for my new project. I can see that I don't like them. Maybe I'll go with some ivy to cover my rod iron supports. Do you have any problems with gnats or mosquitoes with your chair in that location?

  4. I love hollyhocks because they remind me of my grandma's yard. Those and lilacs. We lived next door to her and I spent a lot of time playing in her yard making dolls out of the hollyhocks.

  5. What a lovely yard. Hostas are beautiful, they will spread and you can dig them up and transplant them again.