Saturday, July 15, 2017

Photo Shoot

Went to Culver to take pictures of friend Tanya's family.  Don't do this so much anymore.  but really like doing it. Great family.. The Canaday Family. they hadn't had a family picture in forever I guess, takes a lot to get everyone together!!! Am glad I was able to do this for them..
(oh, there is a better pic than this w/o the tree limb in the guy on the rights face, Colt)

AND while I was in the area decided to go and see things that had not seen for awhile, Round Butte Dam area and Cove Palisades State Park.  Drove up to the top of Round Butte, which is not really all that far up, but you feel like you are up there and the view is great...

Love these BIG dandelion weeds, when they get all dried out..

And it is a desert and things are dry and dying, most of the wildflowers are over the hill so to say, BUT the Sego Lilies were still blooming out in all the dry, arid soil... pretty, huh???

Sunflower in Tanya's yards

Hybrid carrot seed with Mt Jefferson in the background..

You can faintly see the Three Sisters in the background....just to left of the rounded black hump on horizon

Here is the Cove... this is where the Crooked river and the Metolius River merge, just above Round Butte Dam....(where does the Deschutes come in???) (just looked it up on a map and the Deschutes along with Whychus Creek comes in farther south joins with crooked river, below the dam it is just called the Deschutes River) . They put the dam in when I was in high school, so back in the 60's.  Everyone says this is a long way down, but let me tell you, b4 the dam, it was twice as far down, the river ran over lots of rock and boulders and in the park there were hundreds of HUGE poplar trees, it was beautiful, you could hear the rushing of the river...
BUT that all went away when the dam was built, and what you have is what you see here.... there are extensive campgrounds and some poplars again on the back side of the Metolius Arm..

There is lots of boat activity and houseboats for rent, have always wanted to do that.  When we lived in culver and Brian was small, (1970's) we used to go hiking down there around the campgrounds in the Fall when no one was around...

Here is top of Round Butte, see Jefferson under tree limbs between car and tree

This is looking North

Lots of emptiness out there. This is looking West... Have to tell you I did not walk around a lot up there, fraid of seeing a snake...   eeeeew....... stayed pretty much on the road..
Fun morning.... Was getting hot tho and could not go anywhere as had Luci with me, can't leave her in the car, so took pics and came home.. Had to edit the shoot and e-mail on the pics.....

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. What is that Hybrid carrot seed and did it have a sign that is what is was? I love that picture.. txt me!

    1. Oh that made me miss home!!! Supposed to pick up our RV tomorrow. It's been a long, long wait!!! Lots to tell when we get home.