Friday, July 21, 2017


Brian normally works Mon-Thur loonng hours and has Friday and the week end off... WELL... today he had to go in and help someone load bricks or some such horrid thing.  Carl does not understand, Brian is supposed to be home. SO Carl sat by the door to the garage (as Brian has a table out there and sits doing.. whatever....) and Carl spends a lot of time out there, sitting or laying by him gazing adoringly at him.... He sat and paced and whined, I finally had to open the door and let him go out there and stand for awhile and realize, that, NO, Brian was not out there hiding from him.  That OH NO!!! He was not at the house, he was actually GONE!!!!  has now settled down and accepted his fate, one of aloneness and despair.....
AND I realized how we do whatever they want us to do, and it is just better to get up and do what they want, open the door, let him in, rather than to have to listen to the histrionics.  Just. Do. What. They. Want.... Right. Now....

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Oh poor Carl! Love the picture and the description of him gazing adoringly at Brian although it seems to me he should gaze adoringly at you since you take care of him most of the time.

  2. What a beautiful dog. If I didn't have bassets or bloodhounds, the bulldog would be the breed I would have. I've always loved that breed. YES ... we do have to do what they want right now, otherwise they will bug us until we do it. LOL ... funny post and I can sure relate to what you are saying.

  3. Since we got Rocky Joe I can totally relate. He just cannot settle down and be quiet if Jim is out of his sight even if it's just to take Skittlez out. The problem with RJ is that even if I show him Jim is all gone - he never stops with the noise and pacing. So I can feel your pain and also understand how sad Carl is. But he's still so cute.