Monday, August 7, 2017

Getting On

I have two brothers, younger, one 5 years and the other 8 years, he will be 62 the end of this year.
He drives a log truck, owner/operator, as did our Father.  Dad would be so proud! Dad was an owner/operator in the 50's in Tillamook  (then in Central Oregon he worked for McClain Bros driving truck for over 25 years) as was his Dad. Grandpa Larrance had one of the 1st PUC permits issued in the state of Oregon. Owned a milk delivery in Hillsboro, with horse and carriage, then delivery trucks.  He lost all of that in the Depression.
Jerry fell off the upper deck of his log truck, Thursday. Hit his head, had a TIA.  His wife, our Rita had a devil of a time I gather getting him to finally go to the ER on Saturday. Because he was 'just not acting right'.  A CT scan did not show anything and a MRI and neurologist is next. Waiting on a appointment.... He is returning to work on Wednesday anyway and as normal. Had some numbness in his right hand, no pain tho.  Heart looks good... So all in all appears he is doing well and returning to 'normal'.  Can't keep a good man down....

This aging is not fun, for ourselves and seeing it in others.  Sitting and watching it in others and not being able to DO anything to make things better is not  a bowl of cherries either....
If you feel so inclined, prayers and thoughts of healing are in order and are greatly/dearly appreciated.

Take Care All and God Bless
Care for  and Cherish one another...................


  1. Prayers for your brother and his wife, Loree.

  2. Sending prayers and hugs for your brother and all your family. You're right, this getting old is hard to see in all of us.

  3. Praying for Jerry. Rita must be beside herself so I will be praying for her and you as well.