Saturday, August 5, 2017


Just trying to survive the heat and smoke here in Central Oregon.. Geez, what fun this has been. Keep watering the flowers and yard to keep it from dying! The doglets are doing ok, or I am in keeping them cool and they are not laying there panting. but seem to be comfortable enough.. Carl spend his time on the wood floor, tummy down or laying front of the fan on his bed.... Luci stays by my side as always, such a trooper.  she has spent a couple of nights OUT of the bed, finding her own way to stay cool.
have cut back the Shasta daisies as they were spent.  let the yard go and have not mowed as felt that would cause both of us less stress, hahaha  :)
But all in all think we are faring relatively well
Take Care and God Bless


  1. You guys have really been hit hard. Sure hope that high over you is going to move out just not our way. Skitz doesn't mind the heat but Rocky Joe has a tough time with it.

  2. Summer took a vacation here for the last 4 days and through this week. Nights are in the 50's and days are in the 70's with no humidity to speak of. Weird.