Tuesday, August 29, 2017


on the way to Bend.. cant see the hill to the left at Deschutes Jct nor Pilot Butte
picture below was taken on Knott Rd near the dump in Bend, looking towards Mt Bachelor and lava butte, can't see any of the butte or hills out that way, China Hat.....

The smoke is unbelievable!!  Woke at 3am and it was so strong woke me up and now I let the dogs out and it just smells like wood burning, which it is but to travel that far.... it is not near us really at all, can't imagine what the town of Sisters is like.... so very sad. Paper said estimate of fires burning in Oregon so far coast 10 million $$ ..... your eyes burn and the nasal passages are all clogged, throat hurts....
Sunday I worked in yard, got LOTS done, still much more to do, don't know what people do with larger places, work more I guess, but it sure does keep me busy, keeping things tidy.  Dug out the border along the sidewalk, looks so much better, been meaning to do that this summer and think I picked one of the hottest days to do it!!!  Had the urge!!

then this area behind the tree was filled with 'snow on the mtn' which is a pretty plant for about two weeks out of the year then you have dead or dying leaves and a bunch of grass trying to take over, been fiddling with it all summer and it was time to take the WHOLE thing out!!! Be gone I say.. it is so.... put grass clippings on there for a mulch and to keep in moisture, what there is of it...
you can tell by the light in the pictures it is muted by the smoke and sort of sunset looking but was around 3p. It is very weird, need to have the lamp on to read by as it is dark in the house, have all of the doors closed to keep the smoke out, or try to and fans on to circulate, is not too bad... around 5p need to open things up and try to get a breeze thru, if there is one .  Was 99 yesterday at Redmond airport
Well, almost 5p so going to turn on tv and see how Houston is doing and the fires around here. What a summer.....

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. I went to get my hair cut in Estacada today. Lots of smoke there too.

  2. Your front yard is looking good. Your hard work is paying off. I am not sure I could leave my house with all that smoke. Asthma attack waiting to happen on the doorstep.