Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sunflowers N Hollyhocks

I just DO love taking pictures of flowers, maybe someday I will take the perfect picture!!

 Look at these hollyhocks gone wild.  Decided this year to NOT try to tie them up or put cage around them, I think there were only 2 cages left from last year that I just left in there, in the midst of all the mess... and boy have they taken over.  Think I will have to take some of them out.. will have to anyway to get a fence in there!!  You can see all the seed pods and dead flowers on the ground, am sure there will be more next year!
Love the middle of them and the variations of color.  But would dearly love a different color....

See these are flopped right over into the chair, don't dare sit there!!!  It is a mess, a wonderful, wild mess. Isn't that the way gardens are supposed to be?  Wild English gardens, not a formal garden, which is NIT what mine is for sure, wild and wonderful and flourishing, growing, fragrant, with nary a weed!!! Due to my continued work and diligence.

Hahahahahaha, this picture is for my friend in Iowa.  she is in the process of cleaning our her attic, why, I ask??? Things are probably fine up there.... I HAVE got to get after this, it is a continual problem.  How do people take care of all the paper that flows thru their house?  I try to take care of mail as it comes in and put it in the proper place immediately, file, throw away, whatever... but the stamping things, the cards I make, the new things I get and am going to use or have an idea for, plans for tomorrow or xmas or whatever needs to be done or thought about, bin to go into.  then have ideas for filing for the future and finding when I need it. So this is for my friend, oh, how I wish she were here, I am sure she would get me in order straight away!

Take Care All, live wild and wonderful....


  1. You have MANY perfect pictures - MANY!!! You take beautiful pictures! And yes I would love to tackle your desk but might have to buy more stuff for the stuff ❤️

  2. I agree, your flower pictures are beautiful. Many should be framed and hung! Mail me some of those seed pods. I have a wild area at my new place that would love some hollyhocks! I am sure between Carol and I we could have that desk in order in in an hour. Then, we could party!