Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Yes, we have rain... a nice drizzle, but things are all wet round and about.  Things were so very parched, hope it stays for awhile even tho it does affect my energy levels. Just dreary....Had to go get Carl more pills today. My doc check-up tomorrow and have a whole page of things want to ask about, get my monies worth out of the 10 min they will take to talk to me.... Already been to the foot doc and 4-6 weeks will have the hardware out.  It just increasingly hurts and feels like the bolts are going to come right out thru the skin... I know people that have had the same and they have no problems, maybe it is the placement of the things?  Don't know.  but I will not do anything that I know is going to cause me pain. I do know that.... so no walking or exercise or moving that thing about here and there.... Yes, I know, I am a wuse, that is what I am and I accept it and there it is.... hard enough to get about and mow the lawn or carry items about the yard that need to be moved or gotten rid of...
Luci got into my dirty clothes this morning, she has not done that in a long time!!! dumped over the basket and pulled stuff out all over the bedroom, guess I went in there soon enough and she had not chewed anything up yet.  geez, what a snot!!!!  We have had a bad couple of days, don't know what it is, the weather changing or what, but she has been demanding and whiney (me, not at all) and just gets on my last nerve.
U know, I was in the vets this morning getting those aforementioned pills and there was a HUGE pitbull type dog  (66.2 #) and it was so well mannered!!! Sat and laid down on command, did just what the owner quietly told it to do, why is that not in my make up?? What am I lacking?????
Another thing I did this week was, went in to go to bed and there was a HUGE pile of clothes I had taken from the dryer and forgotten to fold, Now I wanted to go to bed, was ready for bed and had to sit there and fold those darn clothes!!!
I am sure, in fact I KNOW there are people in this world that have way more issues than I do... I feel for them I really do
Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Loree you confuse me - you say you will not do anything that hurts you yet you mow, rake, carry bags to dump etc - but maybe that doesn't hurt �� Then do have to mention Luci - I suspect that other dog may of had obedience classes......... �� (Luci loves my dirty clothes!!) Love you dear friend!

  2. Out doctor is just the opposite, he loves to talk with his patients. It is sometimes hard to escape!

  3. Love seeing the rain for all of us, and snow on the mountains. Loved that you spelled wuse. I have used the word often, but had no clue how to spell it.

    1. WELL... don't know if that is the RIGHT spelling, just MY spelling... haha