Thursday, October 12, 2017


Today was house cleaning day.... nothing like a clean, smell good house!!! Laundry on-going.... Have to get all of this done, so that I can sit here for two weeks after the hardware removal from ankle and heal and not be on foot.... So takes a little bit of planning ahead to get ready.  Leaves are finally starting to fall.  Rain today.. Ordered pizza, LOVE to do that.  have got to get the paper in order, have stacks of 'stuff' laying about, mail is hard lately to get thru and rid of for some reason. Get lots of catalogs in the mail, usually go to the recycle bin.  But little notes here and there of things I need to do, calls to make... and I just put things off, don't want to for some reason tend to them, oh well, suppose eventually all will get done..... Have found if things lay there long enough, when I finally go thru it, there are things that are no longer relevant and don't need to take care of after all or decided to NOT do what I had thought I would do no longer important...


Take Care All


  1. This post sounds all too familiar, except I recycle the mail the day I take it out of the box 80' away. Yet, it might set down there for a few days before I get the urge to check it, through rain and snow.

    1. Ha Ha, it is a challenge to make sure I get the mail each day, no matter the weather. Usually if I can make it to the tree in front, weather does not come thru it and can stand under it out of the weather, a sheltering tree :) Just can't make all of those decision to throw, recycle, do I need to take care of something,save for later.. see lots of decisions