Monday, October 9, 2017

Getting Ready

Getting ready for Winter... had little pick up serviced, did not need an oil change.  Took back pole saw! And since the chain fell off and we could use it for about 20 minutes, they gave me back my rental fee, Yah!! Then took two loads of debris to the dump.  Got a load of gravel to place about for decoration and hopefully to deter weeds, got the bigger size, and did not think of it but the bigger the rocks the heavier they are, geez!  But Brian was home and he helped me.. Felt sorry for me I guess.  BUT when I say I need his help he has been good to jump in and help, lately.
Picture is of Mt Washington from near Sisters.
Take Care All


  1. That picture looks like it's cold where you are ... must be the snow on top.

  2. I think we have reached the age in life where our children are afraid we will hurt ourselves if we do certain things! Pretty view of the mountain!