Thursday, November 2, 2017

Well, now

Got the stitches out of the ankle and really doing well. Still swells up like a little tick ,especially if overdo but doc says that is to be expected.  Get some compression socks... ICK...
Got ALL of those stupid leaves bagged, checked the truck and it started right up this afternoon, so hope to get them to the dump/debris recycle tomorrow
Cleaned up around the yard, cutting things back and have a huge pile will put in recycle bin when they pick up the full one tomorrow
Hair done yesterday and nails today, so am happy camper  ;)
Got new lens in a couple frames I have on hand here and got to pick those up today, haven't worn these frames for a couple years as have an old prescription in them, so like I have new glasses!! Well the lens is new, not the frames... does that make sense??
All seems to be going well
Take Care and God Bless all


  1. How did you get new lenses in old frames? Every time I try to do that, they tell me it will cost more than new frames and new lenses even though I don’t want new frames.

  2. Happy your doing so well and enjoying yourself

  3. Happy to hear you are back on both feet and your yard is looking good and so are you!

  4. I have so many old pairs of glasses I should get new lenses put in one or two of them. I sure don't like the newest ones I wear all the time. We live and learn. Glad to hear your ankle is doing well.