Tuesday, December 12, 2017

luci's problem

Well, just have to warn everyone, to please watch your pets really close in this season of weird things being out and entertaining...
At thanksgiving i made those really good sausage wrapped with bacon, and a toothpick inserted to hold it all together while baking.... WELL... i warned everyone to be sure to put those darned toothpicks in garbage and yes, dear luci found one.... somehow....
And on last Friday she was having issues with going to bathroom, kept wanting out , then could not go, kept straining and i finally noticed she had a stick coming out of her anus. Tried to pull it and she screamed like i was sticking a knife in her!!! So ran her right away to the Vet...... and the darn little shit just stood there and never a peep out of her while they pulled in out and then inserted some medicine, she is also on antibiotics.... It could have been so much worse!!! Considering that toothpick worked its way throughout her digestive system and at any point could have poked her!!!!
AND i use the big, sturdy toothpicks, not those flimsy shorter, less bulky ones!!!!
The poor little thing, it had to have hurt going down and through everything, don't you think?

We have been having frozen fog here for about three days, not it is sunny, but still very cold, no new snow in those mountains.  Heard it was really nice over on the coast.  I never ventured out, even to take pictures.  That frost on the trees and leaves is very beautiful.  It brings to mind Mom and me used to go out and cut pieces of juniper to have about the house at this time of year.  We both love the smell, it is like Christmas to us....

Hope everyone is well and having a very Merry Christmas season.

Take Care and God Bless


  1. Poor baby. We have to watch them like hawks. And we have to watch out for hawks. Glad Luci is going to he okay.

  2. Yes she was very lucky that tooth pick didn't get stuck or puncture anything.

  3. Glad she passed that without too much problem, could have been a lot worse. Just like cutting Sadie's nails ... she'd do anything to avoid me doing it but is quiet and still when the vet tech does them.