Sunday, January 7, 2018


This is the park and the logs that Brian worked on all of last Winter!

Have wanted to show the frozen fog that we have had and last week went to Costco in Bend and decided that i had better take some pics as the sun was coming out and sure enough after i got done all of the frozen was melted.... so glad i got the pics when i decided to or would never have gotten them, and who knows if would get any more of the fog this year.  This is the second time this year have gotten it and pretty rare to get it even twice!!!

 It just adheres to everything in different ways.  so very pretty, but OH so very cold....
(that is my car in the distance, there were some people out walking but no other cars, even the skatepark was empty)

Really looks pretty in the pine boughs and if there is a tiny bit of sun shinning thru

Oops, see the sun coming thru and the blue skies...

Yet the frost is on that fence, every little link.

Today we just have overcast and i think in the 40's, so no frost and it would even be ok to go out and not freeze to death, and yet, no, i don't.....

Take Care All and God Bless

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  1. How pretty, I have never seen that before. Thanks for posting